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Financial Assistance

Every attempt will be made to provide some financial support to full-time students.  The following is a list of scholarships, grants and assistantships for which students may be eligible.   Note that the Department will not normally provide financial support either directly or indirectly, beyond two years for a M.Sc. program or three years for a Ph.D. program.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Scholarships

Eligibility: Canadian citizens or landed immigrants

Application: Students attending a Canadian university should submit their application form to their current department (or from which they have recently graduated). The Department's Graduate Committee must rank the students applying before sending these applications to the College of Graduate Studies.  Applicants not presently attending a Canadian university may apply directly to NSERC.

Deadline:  The College of Graduate Studies must receive applications  from the Department by mid-October and so should be in the hands of the Department's Graduate Chair by the third week of September.  Applications which are sent directly to NSERC in Ottawa must be received by December 1st.

Types of Award:  Two types of awards are most relevant to Computer Science students: 

NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships

Award Amount: $17,300 for M.Sc. (PGS M) and $21,000 for Ph.D. (PGS D) per annum.

Where tenable: At any Canadian University. These scholarships are awarded to first-class students subject to earlier qualifications.  Providing they are able to find a supervisor for the summer period preceding their registration, NSERC holders may arrange to start their scholarship on May 1 or September 1.

NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships

Award Amount: $15,000 per annum plus minimum company contribution of $6,000 per annum.

Where tenable: Only at the nominating university. Direct application to NSERC is not allowed. These scholarships are awarded to first-class students subject to earlier qualifications.  This award is to be based on a specific research proposal involving a student, a faculty supervisor and a researcher from a collaborating company.  The student is expected to spend a minimum of 20% of research time at the company on activities related to the thesis proposal.   More details are available at the NSERC website.

Department of Computer Science Graduate Scholarships & Teaching Fellowships 

Department of Computer Science Graduate Scholarships are funded by the University.  These scholarships, unlike NSERC scholarships, are open to all graduate students, regardless of nationality.  The value is $17,500 per annum for an M.Sc. candidate and $20,500 per annum for a Ph.D. candidate (amounts effective May 1, 2011, rates prior to this date: $16000 M.Sc., $19,000 Ph.D.).  Given satisfactory performance, graduate scholarships are normally renewable for two years for an M.Sc. and for three years for a Ph.D.  All applicants are automatically considered for these awards.  As a condition of this award, you will be required to provide 4 hours of teaching/service per week. 

The University of Saskatchewan also has a limited number of Graduate Teaching Fellowship awards.  Of the same value as a graduate scholarship, they differ in that they require 12 hours of work per week during the Fall/Winter session.  All applicants to graduate programs are automatically considered for these awards.

Research Fellowships

Selected students may receive research assistantships from individual faculty members. No special application is necessary.  Research assistantships are available to students with high academic standing who do not normally hold any form of scholarship.  Partial assistantships are awarded in certain special cases.  The value of a research assistantship is $17,500 M.Sc./$20,500 Ph.D. per annum (amounts effective May 1, 2011, rates prior to this date: $16000 M.Sc., $19,000 Ph.D.).  In return for this support the student is expected to carry out specified research duties which may or may not be directly related to his/her thesis work.  Research assistantships are assigned based on merit and available funds, and, like scholarships, are contingent on satisfactory academic performance by the student. 


Teaching Assistant Positions

Students may earn additional funds during the year by working as tutorial leaders, markers or advisors for Computer Science courses.  These positions are competitive.  Tutors and markers are chosen on the basis of their ability to provide expert guidance and feedback to students, in the language of instruction.

Teaching assistantships are assigned at the beginning of each term.  To apply for a Teaching Assistant position, submit a job application on-line via the Department of Computer Science Moodle link (, “Computer Science Student Job Application”. 

Any graduate student is eligible for a teaching assistantship although maximum income limits (as well as limits on time spent per week) may be imposed as a condition of other awards.  It must be noted that a teaching assistantship is a job.  Every student who is employed as a teaching assistant must meet the requirements of the job to which he or she is assigned and is expected to carry out the duties capably and expeditiously.  Failure to do so may result in the termination of a student's employment as a teaching assistant, and may jeopardize the student's chances of being appointed to another teaching assistantship at some future time. 

Teaching assistantships have a value that depends on the number of hours worked each week but funds are limited owing to the large number of students competing for them. All teaching assistants must have a good working knowledge of the English language. 

Laboratory Assistant Positions

In addition to hiring students to work in Teaching Assistant Positions, the Department also hires students to work as lab advisors, providing assistance to Computer Science students working in the Department undergraduate labs and on assigned course work. Lab Advisors are expected to answer questions, provide explanations, trouble shoot and general lab maintenance.  To apply for a laboratory assistantship, submit a job application on-line via the Department of Computer Science Moodle link (, “Computer Science Student Job Application”. 

Sessional Lectureships

A limited number of sessional lectureships are available, either during the regular academic session or throughout the summer.  Interested students should contact the Operations and Programs Manager, Shakiba Jalal ( for more details and watch for postings.

Other Funding Sources

A variety of other scholarships, awards and funds are available, typically targeted towards particular groups of students.  Of particular interest are scholarships provided by TRLabs for the support of students working on selected projects in the computer networks area.  Again, no application by the student is necessary.

Graduate Conference Travel Grants are available to assist graduate students in presenting results of their research at scientific or scholarly meetings.  Discuss application procedures with the College of Graduate Studies Awards Officer, Peggy Naughton, or the Graduate Correspondent, Gwen Lancaster.