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Masters Program Requirements

Program of Study

The following summarizes the requirements as outlined in the Graduate Calendar, for a fully qualified M.Sc. candidate's program of studies. The program usually consists of: five half-year classes amounting to 15 credit units, at the graduate level, from the field in which the student is working; a thesis permitting the student to make some contribution to knowledge; and seminars, colloquia and related activities as the student's Department may require. These regulations are interpreted as follows for Computer Science:


  1. Completion of four courses numbered from between 810 to 879, or numbered 898. 
  2. Completion of CMPT 880 and attendance at the presentations. The student must make an oral presentation of the CMPT 880 or related material to the Department.
  3. The student must fulfill a residency requirement of at least 8 months.   Residency is defined as living in, or near Saskatoon, regular attendance on campus, regular interaction with the student's supervisor, and participation in the affairs of the student's research lab and/or of the department.
  4. Students must regularly attend the CMPT 990 seminar series during the period of their residency.
  5. Completion of an M.Sc. thesis, designated as CMPT 994, that makes a practical or theoretical contribution to Computer Science.
  6. Completion of the GSR 960 ethics course (for students starting September 2007 or later).


In submitting a suggested program of studies to the College of Graduate Studies and Research, the Department attempts to match its recommendations to the needs and background of the individual student. In some cases a higher concentration of classes in a particular area of specialization is needed. In other cases, additional classes beyond the minimal five half-classes may be required. Classes other than "CMPT" classes may be permitted.

In most cases, the recommended program attempts to achieve breadth of coverage of Computer Science by including at least one half-class from each of three of the nine areas of specialization. (See Program of Study under the Ph.D. program.)