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Technical and Software Support

Assistance is available in a number of different forms to students using our laboratories:

  • Student helpers, located in the Student Help Center in the middle of the laboratory floor;
  • Instructors, located in "Instructor's Corner" in room S341 Spinks, and
  • Technical support staff, accessible in the Ops Centre: room S306 Spinks.

Student Helpers

Student helpers are accessible in the Student Help Center, located in the center of the laboratory.  They provide assistance with general questions.


Instructors giving courses in first and second year provide support more specific to the junior courses they teach.  They can be found in room S341 Spinks.

Technical Support

Help with issues of a technical nature pertaining to the equipment in the laboratory can be obtained from any memeber of the Technical Staff.  First contact for this type of assistance can be found in room S306 Spinks.

The Department of Computer Science's Technical Support facility on the World Wide Web (WWW) is meant to provide technical assistance to users of its computing laboratories. This assistance is limited to support for hardware, system software and software specific to classes. Software support is limited to possible reinstallation, applying patches or finding new versions or alternative software. We do not debug software obtained from other sites. We do not solve (nor attempt to solve) the user's programing problems or assignments.

New user? Read the F.A.Q.!

Have a problem to report?  Check our list of Known Issues.  If you cannot find a solution there, then please Enter a trouble ticket on the Department's Trac system (After logging in to Trac click on "New Ticket" in the upper right-hand corner, and then enter the information relevant to the problem. Once you are done, click on "Create Ticket" at the bottom of the page to actually submit the new ticket.)

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