Computer Science Alumni

The Department of Computer Science recognizes the impact that our alumni make on research and students' experiences, and values maintaining and growing these relationships. We encourage our alumni to stay in touch and share their success stories with us.

Get Involved

Throughout the year, our alumni visit the campus as guest lecturers, Sessional Lecturers, research collaborators, mentors and presenters. Please contact us if you wish to get involved in academic affairs and stay current with research by attending our lecture series.


Whether to a specific program or scholarship, or a general contribution to the college as a whole — allow us to provide students with a world-class educational experience. Gifts from donors allow students to work with cutting-edge technology, study abroad, learn in state-of-the-art facilities and, above all, focus on their studies — not their finances. 

Awards and Benefits

Alumni of Influence, Alumni Association Achievement and USSU Young Alumni Excellence awards are presented to select U of S alumni in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Nominations are open to public. In addition, U of S offers various alumni benefits. Please visit their website for details.

Give Back

Volunteer your time to share your experience and expertise in classrooms, or support success by contributing to a scholarship fund. Visit our sponsorship page.

Stay Connected

Stay up to date and share your stories via FacebokTwitterLinkedIn or send us an old fashion email.