Community Overview

The Department of Computer Science sponsors and organizes a number of community initiatives to encourage students to discover and explore Computer Science and technology. By giving back to the community, we hope to contribute to the development and growth of technology in Saskatchewan.

Our outreach initiatives range from hands-on workshops to fully credited advancement programs, with a wide target audience of elementary, high school and university students, as well as industry. For more information on how to attend or volunteer at any of these events, please contact our Outreach Coordinator.

K-12 Teaching Materials

We want to share our expertise with Computer Science teachers and educational groups. By providing sample Computer Science problems and a directory of online resources, we aim to contribute to the development of Computer Science education.


Digitized is an annual one-day event for students in grades 10-12 from Saskatoon Public and Saskatoon Tribal Council schools, with the goal increasing awareness and interest in technology. Each year, approximately 350 students attend the event on our campus. Students participate in hands-on workshops and attend presentations by industry speakers about current tech topics. 

Community Events

A number of events are held throughout the year to promote and engage students in Computer Science. We offer educational discovery events, community involvement oportunties and more.