PD for High School Teachers

We are committed to promoting computer science higher education throughout the province, believe early exposure to computer science at the primary or secondary school levels is an important part of this commitment, and aim to support Saskatchewan teachers by providing training and professional development opportunities to equip them with effective tools for teaching computer science to their students.

The Department of Computer Science has offered professional development workshops for high school teachers across Saskatchewan since 2012, including Google sponsored CS4HS workshops, game design workshops, and more.

Our professional development events are open to teachers in Saskatoon and in more remote areas throughout Saskatchewan. Interested teachers should contact us directly at outreach@cs.usask.ca.

What to Expect from a Professional Development Event

  • Our events are typically one or two day in-person workshops
  • They are held at the U of S campus in our computer science labs
  • You will learn about tools and technologies suitable for use in your classrooms
  • You will be able to network with other teachers and exchange pedagogical tips and tricks
  • Travel and accommodation funding may be available for teachers outside of Saskatoon.