Reunion 2003
35 Years of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan

Darwyn Peachey and his Oscar (1993)

At the ACM Programming Contest -- New Orleans (1985)
[Left to Right: Janelle Harms, Donna Manegre, Rick Bunt,
Carey Williamson, Shane McDonald, Berni Schiefer]

Bathing Beauties (1988?)
[Left to Right: Verna Friesen, Roxanne Utley, Holly Fraser]

Blake Ward (1983)

Berni Schiefer (1985)

Picnic Takedown (1987?)
[Top to Bottom: Jennifer Murphy, Shane McDonald]

Tim Brecht: Surfer Dude (1988?)
[Left to Right: Roxanne Utley, Holly Fraser, Tim Brecht]

The Future's So Bright ... (1982)
Janelle Harms, Marlene Jones

1985 Christmas Party Skit
[Left to Right: Paul Sorenson, Gord McCalla, Carl McCrosky]

Moving out of the Commerce building (1986)
[Front: Dave Bocking and Darwyn Peachey, Rear: skorpio]

Department Picnic at Blackstrap (1981)
[Left to Right: Howard Hamilton, Alan Friesen, Sharon Plumb, Darwyn
Peachey, Judy Peachey, Hasan Reghbati, Dave Bocking, Gail Bunt]

Checking Chapter Seven (1983)
[Left to Right: Sharon (Plumb) Hamilton, Howard Hamilton,
Paul Tremblay, Eric Neufeld, Dave Goforth]

Sue and Carey Williamson (1988)

Carey Williamson (Master Teacher) and Rick Bunt (Associate Dean)
at the 2000 Convocation Ceremony

Berni and Nona Schiefer, Debbie Fowler, Larry Aupperle (1990?)

At Harvard University (1984)
[Front: Rick Bunt, Darwyn Peachey; Back: The Harvard Mark I]