Reunion 2003
35 Years of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan

Darwyn Peachey and his Oscar (1993)

At the ACM Programming Contest -- New Orleans (1985)
[Left to Right: Janelle Harms, Donna Manegre, Rick Bunt,
Carey Williamson, Shane McDonald, Berni Schiefer]

Bathing Beauties (1988?)
[Left to Right: Verna Friesen, Roxanne Utley, Holly Fraser]

Blake Ward (1983)

Berni Schiefer (1985)

Picnic Takedown (1987?)
[Top to Bottom: Jennifer Murphy, Shane McDonald]

Tim Brecht: Surfer Dude (1988?)
[Left to Right: Roxanne Utley, Holly Fraser, Tim Brecht]

The Future's So Bright ... (1982)
Janelle Harms, Marlene Jones

1985 Christmas Party Skit
[Left to Right: Paul Sorenson, Gord McCalla, Carl McCrosky]

Moving out of the Commerce building (1986)
[Front: Dave Bocking and Darwyn Peachey, Rear: skorpio]

Department Picnic at Blackstrap (1981)
[Left to Right: Howard Hamilton, Alan Friesen, Sharon Plumb, Darwyn
Peachey, Judy Peachey, Hasan Reghbati, Dave Bocking, Gail Bunt]

Checking Chapter Seven (1983)
[Left to Right: Sharon (Plumb) Hamilton, Howard Hamilton,
Paul Tremblay, Eric Neufeld, Dave Goforth]

Sue and Carey Williamson (1988)

Carey Williamson (Master Teacher) and Rick Bunt (Associate Dean)
at the 2000 Convocation Ceremony

Debbie Fowler and Larry Aupperle (1990)

At Harvard University (1984)
[Front: Rick Bunt, Darwyn Peachey; Back: The Harvard Mark I]