Rick's Grad Students
My graduate students:

Dong Zhang


Performance Issues in Cellular Wireless Mesh Networks (with Nate Osgood)

Wenguang (Wayne) Wang


Storage Management for Large Scale Systems

Lixin Wang


File Sharing on a Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Jiangmei Mei


Adaptive File Cache Management for Mobile Computing

Xiaozhen (Jean) Cao


An Architecture to Support Adaptive Mobile Applications

Adeniyi (Niyi) Oke


Workload Characterization for Resource Management at World-Wide Web Servers

Venkat Josyula


TCP Performance in Wireless Networks

Wayne Mackrell


Routing Support for Mobile Computing

Yongli An


Performance Implications of High Speed Networks for Distributed Systems

Ying Sun


Measuring and Modelling RPC Performance in OSF DCE

Kevin Froese


File Cache Management for Mobile Computing

Anjali Verma


A Multi-Level Hybrid Approach to Congestion Control for ATM-Based B-ISDN

Vineet Chikarmane


Network Support for Mobile Hosts in a TCP/IP Internetwork (with Carey Williamson)

Wanning Zhu


Characterizing Wide Area Conversations on the Internet

Kerhong Chen


Write Caching in Distributed File Systems (with Derek Eager)

Karen Reid


Priority Queueing in Asynchronous Transfer Mode Switches

Heng Liu


Traffic Shaping for Congestion Control in High Speed ATM Networks (with Carey Williamson)

Neeraj Gulati


Local Area Network Traffic Locality: Characteristics and Application (with Carey Williamson)

Sung Hung Ling


Characterizing and Modelling the Workload of Ethernet Local Area Networks (with Derek Eager)

Sashi Purohit


Load Sharing in a Prioritized Task Environment (with Derek Eager)

Roberta Bodnarchuk


Characterizing and Modelling the Workload of a Distributed System Fileserver

Shikharesh Majumdar


Processor Scheduling in Multiprogrammed Parallel Systems (with Derek Eager)

Susan Tourigny


Characterising the Workload of a Distributed File Server

Shane McDonald


Dynamically Restructuring UNIX Disk Space for Improved File System Performance

Jennifer Murphy


Characterising Program Behaviour with Phase Models

Milind Deshpande


Locality-Based Approaches to Dynamic File Systems Management

Doug Konkin


Bin Packing and Memory Management

Shikharesh Majumdar


Locality and File Referencing Behaviour: Principles and Applications

Dave Hrenewich


Dynamic File Assignment Within a Storage Hierarchy

Peter Hardie


Process Migration for Resource Allocation in Distributed Operating Systems

Malak Abdallah


An Investigation of the Swapping Process in the UNIX Operating System

Judy Peachey


The Bradford-Zipf Distribution and Program Behaviour (with Charlie Colbourn)

Ray Hardy


Factors Affecting Program Modifiability (with John Cooke)

Tony Mack


Dynamic Allocation Algorithms to Prevent Deadlocks

When available, copies of the above theses can be downloaded from the Discus FTP Server.

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