Department Responsibilities - Dwight Makaroff

Department of Computer Science,
University of Saskatchewan,
110 Science Place,
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5C9

Department Committees

Graduate Committee Chair person 2014-2015
Graduate Committee Chair person 2013-2014
Undergraduate Committee 2012-2013
Curriculum Committee 2001-2007

Programming Contest

- We have participated in the ACM ICPC (Intercollegiate Programming Contest) Regional competition for many years. I was the coach and later co-coach of our teams.
Co-CoachOctober 2010
Co-CoachOctober 2008
Co-CoachOctober 2009
CoachOctober 2006
CoachOctober 2005
CoachOctober 2004
CoachNovember 2003
CoachNovember 2002
CoachNovember 2001

Admin Responsibilities

Department Seminar Series Coordinator2004-2005
Department Seminar Series Coordinator2002-2003
Department Seminar Series Coordinator2001-2002

Course Coordination

CMPT 400/405 Coordinator2011-2012
CMPT 400/405 Coordinator2010-2011
CMPT 400/405 Coordinator2009-2010
CMPT 400/405 Coordinator2008-2009
CMPT 400/405 Coordinator2006-2007
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