On the application side, our research involves collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams to create tools to inform the design of health interventions that are high leverage, robust, and cost-effective. We employ many approaches to aid this process, but specialize in the design and analysis of systems simulation models based upon a firm mathematical foundation, typically informed by rich data drawn from Saskatchewan's administrative databases, or from our iEpi smartphone-based data collection system. Depending on the questions being asked and technical aspects of the system at issue, we create and apply both models those that characterize population health as resulting from a collection of explicitly represented individuals (typically conducted using Agent-Based Modelling), as well as those that operate at an aggregate level. Whatever the level of detail of such models, we strive to consider the broad set of feedbacks that govern the dynamics of the system and response to interventions. In addition to informing planning and intervention choice, such models can aid in understanding of health trends, help prioritize data collection, and aid in communicating high-level consequences of many diverse pieces of related data.

Our preferred approaches involve hybridizing dynamic models with other approaches, formalisms and tools, including those drawn from statistical (particularly Markov Chain Monte Carlo) approaches, control theory, decision analysis, and wireless sensor networks/ubiquitous sensing.

Such applications are almost always pursued in close collaboration with broader teams, frequently including those with close clinical familiarity of the diseases and/or pathogens involved (particularly doctors and nurses), epidemiologists, biostatisticians, public health nurses, and researchers or others involved in data collection and surveillance.

I have a particularly strong interest in the health of Aboriginal Peoples. Consistent with observations in the literature, I believe that the best way to pursue such projects is in partnership with communities themselves. I am currently working towards initial experience with community-based interventions, and hope to pursue future close partnerships in this area.