Selected papers using dynamic modeling in health

Last update: October 2018

Hybrid Models

Rafferty E., McDonald W., Osgood N.D., Qian W., Doroshenko A. Seeking the optimal schedule for chickenpox vaccination in Canada: Using an agent-based model to explore the impact of dose timing, coverage and waning of immunity on disease outcomes. Vaccine. In Press. 2019.

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Flynn T., Tian Y., Masnick K., Huynh E., Mair A., McDonnell G., Osgood N. 2014. Discrete Choice, Agent Based and System Dynamics Simulation of Health Profession Career Paths. Oral Presentation and Paper in Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference. December 7- 10, 2014, Savannah, GA. 12pp. [Optometry health workforce planning]

Gao, A., Osgood, N. D., An, W., Dyck, R. F., Gao, A., Osgood, N. D. (2014). A tripartite hybrid model architecture for investigating health and cost impacts and intervention tradeoffs for diabetic end-stage renal disease. Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference. IEEE Press. Retrieved from

Gao, A., Osgood, N. D., Jiang, Y., & Dyck, R. F. (2017). Projecting prevalence, costs and evaluating simulated interventions for diabetic end stage renal disease in a Canadian population of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people: an agent based approach. BMC Nephrology, 18(1), 283.

Kreuger, K., Flint MacBride, R., & Osgood, N. D. (2017). Beyond drill and fill: Modeling the impacts of risk-based care on oral health disparities. In G. A. Kaplan, A. Diez Roux, C. Simon, & S. Galea (Eds.), Growing inequality: bridging complex systems, population health, and health disparities (pp. 229-254). Washington, DC: Westphalia Press.

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Agent-Based Models

Rafferty, E., McDonald, W., Qian, W., Osgood, N. D., and Doroshenko, A. 2018. Evaluation of the effect of chickenpox vaccination on shingles epidemiology using agent-based modeling. PeerJ 6:e5012 June 20, 2018.

Kreuger K, Osgood N. 2015. Particle Filtering Using Agent-Based Transmission Models. Accepted June 14, 2015. Full Paper to appear in Proceedings of the 2015 Winter Simulation Conference. December 6-9, 2015. Huntington Beach, CA. 11pp. [Viral infection dynamics]

Hashemian, M., Stanley, K.G., Knowles D.L., Calver J., Osgood, N.D. 2011. Human Network Data Collection in the Wild: The Epidemiological Utility of Micro-contact and Location Data. Full paper in Proceedings of the ACM SIGHIT International Health Informatics Symposium (IHI 2012). January 28-30, 2012, Miami, FL. 10pp. [H1N1 influenza]

Hashemian, M., Stanley, K., & Osgood, N. D. (2012). Leveraging H1N1 infection transmission modeling with proximity sensor microdata. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 12(1), 35.

Tian, Y., Osgood, N. D., Al-Azem, A., & Hoeppner, V. H. (2013). Evaluating the Effectiveness of Contact Tracing on Tuberculosis Outcomes in Saskatchewan Using Individual-Based Modeling. Health Education & Behavior, 40(1_suppl), 98S–110S.

Hashemian M., Qian W., Stanley K.G., Osgood, N.D. 2012. "Temporal aggregation impacts on epidemiological simulations employing microcontact data". BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, (12)132, 20pp (plus figures). [H1N1 influenza]

Esfabod, B., Kreuger K., and Osgood N. Gaming the Social System: A Game Theoretic Examination of Social Influence in Risk Behaviour. Short paper in Proceedings of the 2015 International Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction Conference, April 1-3, 2015. Springer International Publishing, 2015. 296-301. [Trust and diversity]

Dyck, R.F., Osgood, N., Gao, A., Stang, M.R. 2012. "The Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus Among First Nations and Non-First Nations Children". Canadian Journal of Diabetes. 36(1). pp19-24. [ABM for Diabetes used to validate work, but not really too much discussed. You can decide whether to include citation]

System Dynamics Models:

Safarishahrbijari, A., Teyhouee, A., Waldner, C. Juxin Liu, J., Osgood, N.D. 2018. Predictive accuracy of particle filtering in dynamic models supporting outbreak projections. BMC infectious diseases, 17(1), p.648. [Combination with machine learning/artificial intelligence in the form of particle filtering]

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Grassmann, W., Zhang, J., Dyck, R., Osgood, N. 2012. "A System Simulation Model for Type 2 Diabetes in the Saskatoon Health Region", Poster Presentation and Full paper in Proceedings of the 29 th International conference of the System Dynamics Society, St. Gallen, Switzerland. 18pp. July 22-25, 2012.

Qian, W., Osgood, N.D., Stanley, K.G. Integrating epidemiological modeling and surveillance data feeds: a Kalman filter based approach. Oral presentation and publication in Proceedings the 2014 International Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling and Prediction Conference (SBP14), Washington DC, pp. 145-152. April 2-4, 2014. [Influenza]

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Both System Dynamics and Agent-Based Modeling (separate models)

Trecker, M. A., Hogan, D. J., Waldner, C. L., Dillon, J.-A. R., & Osgood, N. D. "Revised simulation model does not predict rebound in gonorrhoea prevalence where core groups are treated in the presence of antimicrobial resistance." Sexually Transmitted Infections. Published Online December 15, 2014.

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Osgood, N. 2009. "Representing Progression and Interactions of Comorbidities in Aggregate and Individual-Based Systems Models". Proceedings, The 27th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, July 2009, Albuquerque. 20pp. [Co-morbid chronic diseases]