Kapilavatthu (Kapilavastu)


Latitude & Longitude: 27 degrees 26'53.50", N 83 degrees 07'41.20" E (see notes below on controversy: We have placed the location at Piprahwa, for reasons described here.

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Areas suitable for Meditation

The site can be very quiet, and meditation on the brick walking paths or beside the stupa may be readiliy possible. There is additionally a beautiful and quiet grove of trees several hundred meters the west north west of the main stupa. Please be aware, however, that groups of children from the main site may approach you for Dana.


3D Photosynth Photo Panoramas

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Sites at locations visited by the Buddha

Boldface entries indicate specific locations used intensively or mmost strongly associated with the Buddha

Historic Accounts

Faxian: See p75 (chapter 22) of "Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms" by Fa-Hien, as Translated by James Legge.

Xuanzang: See p13 of Vol 2 Buddhist Records of the Western World.

Other References

Wikipedia entry on Kapilavatthu

Note that there is historic controversy concerning the true location of Kapilavatthu. Visitors may find this discussion of the controversy to be helpful. A competing account can be found here.

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