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One experience

In addition to visiting the major sites noted here, we went to the royal Thai temple in Kushinagar near our hotel to meditate one night. Most of the places we stayed are in towns away from actual pilgrim sites where various functional temples are situated, otherwise we would like to spend time in the evening in temples for puja and meditation.

We stayed near (essentially across from) archaeological site, in the government-run hotel Pathik Niwas Kushinagar. But given some problems, we would probably try to stay in a different hotel in the future.

This site consists of several subareas. For further information, please see descriptions of each subarea of the site.

Pilgrims may be interested in the archaeological museum, which houses some impressive artifacts and statues.

Other References

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I have many additional panoramas available. If you have particular interest, please write to me (osgood 'at' cs.usask.ca), and I can provide you access to the broader set.

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