Reflections From a Student on the Path

I found the first year or two of my serious practice very challenging. Part of this was because of physical issues (having to do with pain during sitting meditation), but another component had to do with misconceptions and hidden assumptions that needed to be shaken out.

While my remarks should be taken as by one who is still very much a student, there are an a number of points that stick out from my experience and which jive with the teachings in my tradition of practice. I wish I had heard these points made when I initiated serious practice in this tradition over a decade back, and so I'll try to express them here.

People sometimes enquire about the relation of my form of practice with other branches of Buddhism. These are very distinctive, to the point where they might be reasonably viewed as different religions. One should be very cautious about drawing conclusions about the beliefs of one branch based on knowledge of another branch.

Below I list some resources I've found to offer much value.

Additional resources can be found on the Saskatchewan Kammatthana site links page.