Some pictues of our the land

We are fortunate to have land in Duck Lake. The land is a very peaceful acreage bordering the provincial forest about an 1.25 hours north of Saskatoon; we’ve planted many fruit trees, nuts and berry bushes, but most of it is heavily forested (jack pine, spruce and poplar) and we are committed to keeping most of it in a wild state. We are happy to share it with deer, bear, elk, porcupine, rabbits, coyotes and other animals.


If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser and are willing to use Microsoft Silverlight (available free) to see panoramas, you can go see additional synths of the land here.

Some panoramas

Wildlife Camera Imagery

We have set up a "Wildview" wildlife camera for use during the summer. Here are a few of the photos.


Historical Air Photo Imagery

NB: The air photos are rather large, so you may want to download these aerial photos to your computer for easier viewing.

July 23, 1936

August 4, 1962 and is taken in infra-red (emphasizing different contrast.

July 14, 1969 and is also taken in infra-red.

These photos are actually compressed versions that lack some of the detail of the originals images I was sent. While these photos are big, the original images are even larger!