Graduate Student Supervision

Opportunities for Supervision

Funded graduate assistant positions for both health policy modeling applications and methodological work will be opening in my group in the September 2014 timeframe. Please see the appropriate pages for added information on the types of projects I lead in this area. Because a student holding a pre-existing scholarships is not subject to important constraints limiting eligibility for working in our Computational Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics Laboratory, students who will hold Scholarships such as -- but not limited to -- the CSC Scholarship (via the China Scholarship Council) and UofS-VIED DSF (Doctoral Scholar Fellowship) will receive priority review

Submitting your Application for either Interdisciplinary or Methodological Positions

Those interested in one or more of the positions listed above are asked to write a 2 page essay describing your interest in and suitability for those positions. I am particularly interested in hearing of any previous work you may have undertaken that suggests your suitability for the proposed projects. That being said, while I value technical training and admire strength in academics, I view quality of character (including honesty, integrity, a desire to learn from mistakes, and willingness to work hard and to challenge oneself) as more important than disciplinary background or marks. If you do wish to apply for one or more positions, please send your essay to me with the subject line "Essay: Seeking graduate supervision". Absent a candidate's following this procedure, I am unable to ensure that I will bring proper notice your application.

In response to this submission, we may request a voice interview, or (particularly for the methodological position) provide a problem-solving exercise.

Current Supervision

I currently supervise or co-supervise the following trainees:

Undergraduate Students

I. Vendrov, Computer Science. FRABJOUS: Functional Reactive Programming in Support of Agent-Based Modeling. Co-supervised with Prof. C. Dutchyn, Part Time 2013-Present

T. Hinz, Computer Science. Hidden Markov Models to Study Interaction of Physical Activity and Pain. Co-supervised with Prof. M. Horsch, Part Time 2013-Present

M.Sc. Students

W. An, Computer Science. Integration of Decision Analysis & Dynamic Modeling. Co-supervised with Prof. W. Grassmann, Full Time 2010-Present

D. Knowles, Computer Science. Adaptive sampling for the iEpi ubiquitous health sensing framework. Co-supervised with Prof. K. Stanley, Full Time May 2012-Present

P. Bhowmik, Computer Science. Modular Data Collection and Visualization for Simulation Models. 2014-Present

Z. Ning, Computer Science. Visualization and Processing of iEpi Data. Part Time 2011-Present

Doctoral Students

W. Qian, Computer Science. Model filtering & estimation techniques for dynamic models. Co-supervised with Prof. K. Stanley, Full Time 2010-Present

K. Kreuger, Computer Science. Models of Tuberculosis Transmission. Full Time March 2013-Present


Past Trainees

Mahshid Atapour. Simulation modeling for water quality.

Y. Xue. Visualization in Support of the Simulation Modeling Process. Co-supervised with C. Gutwin. Full Time January 2010-April 2012

Y. Gao (Part Time). Simulation Modeling to Understand the Human and Financial Cost of ESRD in Saskatchewan in Coming Decades. Co-supervised with R. Dyck (Department of Medicine), Part Time 2005-October 2013.

Y. Jiang (Part Time), Community Health & Epidemiology. Modeling of Diabetes Mortality in Saskatchewan. Co-supervised with Prof. H. J. Lim (Community Health & Epidemiology), Part Time 2009-May 2012

J. Calver, Computer Science. iEpi-related for Analysis. Full time summer 2011, summer 2012

Y. Tian, (M.Sc). Computer Science, Agent-Based Modeling of Tuberculosis in Saskatchewan. Full Time 2009-October 2011

L.M.B. Liz, School of Public Health. Modeling of Gestational & Type 2 Diabetes. Part Time 2010-2012.

K. Yee. (MPH & post-MPH). Simulation modeling of Chronic Wasting Disease and HPV, and Decision Analytic & Simulation modeling of West Nile Virus in Saskatchewan. Full Time Spring 2010-July 2011.

J. Zhang. (M.Sc.), Lowering the Burden of Diabetes and Heart Disease in the Saskatoon Health Region: A Systems Simulation Model. Co-supervised with Prof. W. Grassmann. Part Time 2006-September 2011.

A. Dong (Science Fair). Inferring infection pathways & timing, impact of treatment strategies on infection spread. Part Time 2009-January 2013

X. Meng. (Undergraduate) Computer Science & Electrical Engineering. Longitudinal Analysis of Differential-Equation Models. Part Time 2010-May 2011

D. Vickers (Doctoral). Interdisciplinary. Evaluation of Dynamic Hypotheses for Saskatchewan's Increased Rates of Chlamydia. Full Time 2006-May 2011.

A. Al-Azem. (Postdoctoral fellow) Combining Social Network Analysis, Agent Based and System Dynamics modeling for TB Control. Half-time (balance with Saskatchewan TB Control) August 2009-July 2011.

A. Mahamoud. (M.Sc.) Population models of Tuberculosis in Saskatchewan. Summer 2009-October 2010.

D. Zhang. (Doctoral) Performance Issues in Wireless Mesh Networks. Co-supervised with R. Bunt. Co-supervised. Full Time 2007-August 2010.

Q. Zhang. (M.Sc.) Application and Evaluation of Local and Global Analysis for Dynamic Models of Infectious Disease Spread. Full Time 2007-2008.

A. Rhee. (SM; MIT). An Agent-Based Approach to HIV/AIDS Epidemic Modeling: A Case Study of Papua New Guinea. (Co-supervised with Prof. F. Moavenzadeh). Full Time 2005-2006.

R. Kureyabashi (SM; MIT). A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing Bubble Effects in the Long Distance Telecom Industry. (Co-supervised with Sharon Gillett). Full Time 2003-2004.

B. Daher (MEng; MIT). Use of Sensors in Monitoring Civil Structures (Co-supervised with Prof. Ruaidhri O'Connor.) Full Time 2003-2004.

A. Coste (MEng; MIT). Schedule and Cost Estimate for an Innovative Boston Harbor Concert Hall (Co-supervised with Prof. J. O'Connor). Full Time 2003-2004.

Committee Memberships


R. Harrison. M.Sc. Computer Science. Distributed infrastructure for agent-based modeling. Supervisor N. Jamali. (2011-Present)

A. LaVallee. Ph.D. Community Health & Epidemiology. Participatory Modelling for Tuberculosis. Supervisor S. Abonyi (Community Health & Epidemiology). (2007-Present)

L. Jin, M.Sc. Computer Science, Sequence Matching with Constraints. Supervisor I. McQuillan. (2009-)

M. Zibran, Ph.D. Computer Science. Software Cloning. Supervisor C. Roy. (2010-)

Y. Liu, M.Sc. Computer Science. Compilation for the Cell Architecture. Supervisor C. Dutchyn. (2010-)

S. Kapaj, Ph.D. Epidemiology. The H1N1 Pandemic in Saskatoon. Supervisor C. Waldner. (2010-)

A. Rahim, M.Sc. Computer Science. Predicting antigen evolution in Factor H Binding Protein from Neisseria meningitis. Supervisor A. Kusalik. (2010-)

M. Liao, Ph.D. Immunology & Microbiology. Molecular Epidemiology and Molecular Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in China: Implications for Disease Control. Supervisor J. Dillon (Immunology & Microbiology). (2008-)

A. Genest, Ph.D. Computer Science. Deictic Gestures. Co-Supervisors R. Mandryk & C. Gutwin. (2008-)

X. Zhao, Ph.D. Computer Science. Resource coordination in large-scale distributed systems. Supervisor N. Jamali. (2008-)

N. Bian, PhD Computer Science. Supervisor M. Eramian. (2007-)

M. Naseri, PhD Computer Science. Provenance reasoning in Grid and service-oriented computing. Supervisor S. Ludwig. (2009-)

D. Noete, M.Sc. Computer Science. Domain Specific Languages & Agile Processes. Supervisor K. Schneider. (2009-)


D. Madsen, M.Sc. Computer Science, Distributed Filesystems. Supervisor D. Makaroff. (2007-2010)

A. Kroshko, M.Sc. Computer Science, Differential equation workbench. Supervisor R. Spiteri. (2009-)

M. Hashemian, M.Sc. Computer Science. Human Dynamic Networks in Opportunistic Routing and Epidemiology. Supervisor K. Stanley. (2009-)

D. Liu, Ph.D. Computer Science, Service-Oriented Architectures. Supervisor R. Deters. (2006-2010)

J. Feng, Ph.D. Computer Science, Wireless sensor networking, Co-supervisors D. Eager & D. Makaroff. (2006-)

R. Dean, M.Sc. Computer Science. Numerical methods for simulation of electrical activity in the myocardial tissue. Supervisor R. Spiteri. (2007-2009)

J. Paudel, M.Sc. Computer Science. The Aspect Structure of Compilers. Supervisor C. Dutchyn. (2007-2009)

M. Nacenta, Ph.D. Computer Science, Multidisplay interfaces. Supervisor S. Subramanian, (2005-2008).

C.S. Koh, M.Sc. Computer Science. Modeling Gene Regulatory Networks Using a State-Space Model with Time Delays. Supervisor A. Kusalik. (2007)

F. Huang, M.Sc. Computer Science. A Method for Mapping XML-Based Specifications Between Development Methodologies. Supervisor J. Carter. (2008-2009)

I. Hopkins, M.Sc. Computer Science. Design-Time Performance Testing. Supervisor K. Schneider. (2009)

Q. He, M.Sc. Computer Science, Network Traffic Analysis. Supervisor D. Makaroff & D. Eager. (2007)

A. Sutherland, PhD. Computer Science, Software Visualization, Supervisor K. Schneider. (2005-2009)

L. Xu, M.Sc. Computer Science, Modeling Dendritic Shapes Using Path Planning. Supervisor D. Mould, 2007-

S. Sethi, M.Sc. Computer Science, Queuing Network Analysis. Supervisor W. Grassmann. 2006-

M. Donaldson, M.Sc. Computer Science, Parameter Estimation. Supervisor R. Spiteri. 2006-

R. Rangel, Ph.D. Computer Science, Content generation for computer graphics. Supervisor D. Mould. (2006-)

Y. Mao, M.Sc. Computer Science, Simulation of community reward system, Supervisors J. Vassileva and W. Grassmann. (2006-)

R. Degenhardt, Ph.D. Biology. Dean's Representative. (2008)

H. Nguyen, M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wireless Diversity. Supervisor H. Nguyen. External Examiner. (2006)

D. Chen, M.Sc. Computer Science, Combinatorial optimization for fertilizer formulation. Supervisor M. Horsch. (2006)

I. Tsai, Ph.D. Risk Management (MIT), Self-enforcing contract design, Supervisor F. Moavenzadeh. (2003-2007)