Digitized is a one-day event for high school students to promote innovation, career opportunities and higher studies in Computer Science.

We invite students who express an interest in computer science from across Saskatoon and surrounding areas to participate in Digitized. Throughout the day, students participate in various activities such as hands-on workshops. These workshops include iPhone and Android mobile programming, robotics, animation, digital media, and creating video games. Students also attend speaker presentations from experts in the industry, with topics such as gaming, mobile, entrepreneurship, software development, cyber-securit, bioinformatics and more.

Over 350 high school students attend every year, ranging from grade 10, 11, and 12. The event wouldn't be a success without the help from over 40 volunteers, a number of high school teachers and sponsors.


This event is typically held in May and students can submit their registration online. Information surrounding Digitized are sent to high schools, so keep an eye on student announcements or make an appointment with your career counsellor. Teachers may contact the event organizers for more information at digitized@cs.usask.ca

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“Digitized allows us to reach out to high school students with ranging levels of interest in Computer Science, and inform them of all the possibilities – from solving everyday real-world problems to building the next addictive social media tool. Encouraging the next generation to explore Computer Science will make the future an exciting place. Through Digitized, our goal is also to bring awareness to high-in demand and exponentially growing career opportunities in Computer Science. ” 

-Brittany Melnyk, Outreach Coordinator and organizer for Digitized