Game Jam

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A Game Jam is an event where a diverse set of participants come together and develop a video game over the span of 48 hours. That’s right, just over a single weekend! You will be surprised at what you can do with a motivated team and a short amount of time. Participants prototype, design and create a video game in a short period of time. The condensed 48-hour time limit encourages creative thinking between participants with different backgrounds and skill sets. Game Jams result in small but innovative and experimental video games. Typically participants work in small teams, racing to produce a game with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity.

Game Jams are about discovery, innovation, and creativity. Not everyone has a finished product at the end – one of your biggest takeaways is a valuable learning experience. What does the “jam” in “Game Jam” mean?: Jam is a reference to the musical jam sessions performed by bands and artists. Not to be confused with a traffic jam or a delicious spreadable fruit jelly. The biggest reason to join a Game Jam is to have fun. Either exploring a new gaming concept or practicing your artistic skills, you will have a blast learning and making new friends – all while developing and playing video games!


People with all skill levels and interests are welcome to participate in the Game Jam. During the past events, participants ranged from programmers, students, artists, game enthusiasts, and designers. The formula of gathering participants with all different backgrounds to work together will result in creating something fun and innovative. For those who are interested but might not have a lot of programming experience, we will be offering game development tutorials to get your skills up to speed.

Game Jam events usually offer workshops to familiarize participants with various game development environments, such as Processing, Unity and Unreal4. Game developers from the industry are invited to speak over the weekend, giving insight into their experience and careers in game development. Game Jams are usually organized by Game With US – a group of Human-Computer Interaction students who are passionate about game development. For announcements and more information about past and upcoming events, check out the Game Jam website.