Organ Transplant Queues

David Stanford

M. Sc., Ph.D.

Prof. of Statistical and Acutuarial Sciences

University of Western Ontario, London, Ont

Note: This work is based on joint work with Dr. Vivian McAlister, London Health Sciences Centre & UWO, and Elizabeth Renouf.


This talk will comprise of three parts. Following a general introduction to the problem, we will present the results of a summer USRA project which performed a number of statistical analyses on the waiting lists for liver transplants in Canada. The second aspect will identify how the transplant waiting lists can be modeled as queues --- albeit complicated ones. The final aspect will focus on how key queueing principles can be used to infer qualitative consequences of select types of changes to current allocation policy. I hope to be able to present some sensitivity results as well.

Feb. 28, 2007

Park Town Hotel, Room 139

Cocktails 5:00, Dinner 5:30, Presentation 6:30

Please note: Session starts earlier than usual

Tickets $20

For more information contact:

Kent Kostuk 244-3295

Winfried Grassmann 966-4898