Global Optimization with Maple: An Introduction with Illustrative Examples

János D. Pintér

Ph.D., D. Sc.

Pintér Consulting Services Inc.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


The objective of global optimization (GO) is to find the best possible solution of multimodal optimization problems. This lecture reviews a recent electronic book devoted to the subject. The e-book presents Maple as an advanced model development and optimization environment: the Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple is used to solve GO models numerically. Following a brief topical introduction, the book presents an extensive collection of detailed numerical examples and illustrative case studies. This e-book is available as a single fully functional (interactive, readily modifiable), printable Maple worksheet, and/or as a set of hyperlinked worksheets. The e-book supports interactive modeling and experimentation, and it can be used in education, research, and industrial practice in the quantitative sciences and engineering.


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