Employee Scheduling in Fast Food Restaurants

Mehran Hojati
Department of Finance & Management Science
Edwards School of Businesss
University of Saskatchewan


Employee scheduling in a fast food restaurant is especially challenging because part-time employees may have limited availability and skills, can work a maximum of 5 days a week, and management may have a target total weekly work hours for each employee. This problem is decomposed into (a) shift scheduling and (b) tour scheduling/employee assignment, and a set of small integer linear programs are used to solve each part. The software used is Excel's Solver with Visual Basic for Applications. This method is applied to the data given in a reference paper and the results are compared. Also, several synthetic data sets are generated and solved.

Nov 13, 2007

Park Town Hotel

Cocktails 5:30, Dinner 6:00, Presentation 7:00

Tickets $20

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