Can Joint Replacement be Like a Trip to Disneyland?

Sherry Weaver
Haskayne School of Business
University of Calgary


Over the last decade, hip and knee replacements have doubled, resulting in median waits of 42-206 days. The Canadian Orthopaedic Association endorses 3 urgency-based access targets, leading to our research problem: How can we schedule patients of varying urgencies, several months into the future, while accounting for variability in operating room time and surgeon availability? How can we minimize the 'bumping' of patients as certainty is increased closer to the date of surgery? Lessons learned from the magical kingdom can be applied to healthcare!

How many surgical spots should be dedicated to urgent patients in order to ensure that these patients all receive timely care while minimizing the disruption to less urgent patients? How can queueing theory and discrete event simulation be used to improve patient care? The results using actual clinical data from a high-volume surgical clinic will be discussed as well as our ability to impact actual clinical practice with our models.

Nov. 17, 2011

Park Town Hotel

Cocktails 5:15, Dinner 5:45, Presentation 6:45

Tickets $25

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