Risk-Based Approach to Prioritize Sidewalk Locations for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Actions

Luanne Sirota
City of Saskatoon


In Saskatoon, sidewalk usage is predicted to increase and the population is aging. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that decisions about sidewalk maintenance and rehabilitation consider the risk associated with sidewalk use. The goal is to make decisions that minimize the overall risk to pedestrian safety given funding constraints.

A risk-based decision model prioritizes unsafe sidewalk locations for repair using a direct pedestrian safety measure, quality adjusted life years (QALYs). Pedestrian traffic at sidewalk locations is characterized in the absence of actual pedestrian traffic statistics by using other existing data. Predicted trip injury events and the injuries sustained at sidewalk locations provide inputs for risk assessment. There are opportunities for this research to be extended to the management decisions of other assets. Differentiating user groups based on risk provides possibilities for improving service given the same resource constraints. The key is to understand your customers, their risks, and your service.

Biographical Notes

Luanne Sirota completed her graduate research in March 2008. Her thesis was unanimously nominated by her committee for consideration for one of three awards given out each year by Graduate Studies to recognize exceptional work at the graduate level. Shortly after, Luanne received first place in the UMA-CSCE Sustainable Asset Management Student Competition for a paper written about her research.

Luanne Sirota has worked for the City of Saskatoon for 24 years holding a number of positions. Her unique perspective, presented here, may be a result of her diverse work experience along with her education at the University of Saskatchewan starting with a Chemistry Degree upgraded to a Statistics Degree and then a Master of Science in Civil Engineering.

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