Geographic Profiling

Kim Rossmo

Geographic Profiling Section

Vancouver Police Department

Serial violent and sexual crimes are difficult to solve, and pose significant challenges to police investigators. Since the criminal is often a stranger to the victim, the investigative process has to consider large populations of suspects, leading to resource allocation problems and information overload.

Geographic Profiling is one of the innovative new tactics now used by police in serial crime investigation. It involves a strategic information management system that analyzes an offenderís hunting behaviour and target selection. Geographic Profiling Analysis uses the locations of a connected series of crimes to determine the most probable area of offender residence.

Detective Inspector Kim Rossmo is in charge of the Vancouver Police Departmentís Geographic Profiling Section. He has been a police officer since 1980, working assignments in offender profiling, organized crime intelligence, patrol, the emergency response team, and the Skid Row beat. Kim has a PhD in Criminology and is an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University where he teaches courses on policing and serial murder.

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