Dwight Makaroff's Personal Interests

Sports and Music

Part of what I do outside school is sports and music. Actually, this is most of what I do outside school.


I play hockey for the Engineering team in the Faculty/Staff League. We have struggled for a few years. We had a winning streak this year (2011-2012), but are decent on only a percentage of game nights.

With the new decade, I have curled on a team of Computer Science Faculty members and their spouses.


I play guitar, bass, and piano. We have a band that is practising, but not playing very much. We recently got a new drummer and a bass player. Without them, it's pretty hard to make much progress without the foundation of the rhythm section

Research and Vacations

This was so old, it has been temporarily deleted.


I was involved in music and leadership at Living Hope Church from 2001 to 2008, after I returned to Saskatoon. In 2010, Laurie and I joined the launch team of the Broadway site of Forest Grove Community Church. We have been meeting in the Broadway area of Saskatoon since October 2010.


For those of you who know my family, you'll know that 2007 was a remarkably traumatic year. In July, both of my parents were killed in a traffic accident. There are just no words to describe this.

Their lives touched many people in many areas of life. During the memorial service, a powerpoint presentation was shown that highlighted some memories of their lives and their activities.


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