Research by phd student Brett Trost recognized at Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan

brett trost

Computer Science Ph.D. student Brett Trost was congratulated by politician David Forbes at the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan on March 12, 2015 for his contribution to Ebola research.

Mr. Forbes recognized Brett Trost's work in developing a software system (PIIKA: Platform for Intelligent, Integrated Kinome Analysis) that he and his supervisor, Tony Kusalik, created which studies how Ebola affects cells and what cells do to fight the infection. Mr. Forbes went on explain that Brett Trost's "work is part of a new field called bioinformatics which combines computer science and molecular biology. Trost feels that bioinformatics has a great potential to improve human health. To quote him, 'The chance that I might one day play even a small part improving treatments for human diseases is a huge motivator for me.' Trost was also the University of Saskatchewan recipient of the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in 2009." The motion was closed with all members congratulating Brett Trost on the amazing contribution he has made in the fight against Ebola. Brett Trost's recognition in Mr. Forbes' speech is now a part of the provincial records.