Computer Science Professional Internship Program


The Department of Computer Science Professional Internship Program allows undergraduate students to obtain 12 or 16 months of practical "on-the-job" experience with a sponsoring company prior to completing the final year of their undergraduate degree program. The existence of a formally recognized internship program offers significant benefits to the students, to the industrial sponsors, to the department, and to the university as a whole. These benefits include: practical training and work experience for the students; technology transfer, productive work contribution, and prospective employee evaluation for the employer; and increased university-industry interaction for the department and the university. 

We are now accepting applications from both companies and students interested in partcipating in the program. Interns will be placed in May/Sept 2015. 

If you are interested in finding out more information about CSPIP, check out the following pages or contact the Internship Coordinator.

Information for Students

Information for Employers

Internship Coordinator:

Brittany Melnyk 
phone: (306) 966-6513