Pearson Student Coding Contest

The Pearson Student Coding Contest is designed to reward contestants who develop relevant, innovative, creative, functional, and original applications that integrate with the Pearson APIs. The 2015 contest is open and limited to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate institution within the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Contest Details
We remain committed to and will continue with efficacy, as our theme for the 2015 Contest. We invite contestants to join us on our path to ensuring the efficacy of online learning tools in education, and ensuring the tools learners use, are driving improvements in their learning.

Important Dates
SEPTEMBER 7, 2015 – OCTOBER 9, 2015
Contestants begin by submitting the Idea Proposal form. Contestants will be notified by October 27, 2015 if their Idea Proposal has been accepted.

OCTOBER 21, 2015 – DECEMBER 2, 2015
Contestants with approved Idea Proposals develop and submit their entry during this time.

DECEMBER 17, 2015
Three finalists will be announced.

FEBRUARY 5, 2016
The three finalists will present their entries at the Pearson eCollege office in Denver, Colorado, and cash prizes will be decided.

  •  First place: $5,000
  •  Second place: $2,500
  •  Third place: $1,000

The top three finalists will present their entries at the Pearson offices in Denver.

Internship Interviews
In addition to the cash prizes, the 10 semi-finalists will have the opportunity to apply for and be granted phone interviews for available Summer 2016 internships at various Pearson offices. Internship interviews are offered in addition to, and separate from, the cash prizes.


Use the following resources to share with students:
  •  Full contest details and examples past winners are available online:
  •  Download a flyer to display and share with students. Feel free to print and distribute, or post on your course website.
  •  Contact us directly at Pearson Student Coding Contest