Workshop: Measuring and Modeling Health Behavior with Smartphone Data

health-workshopHealth professionals from across North America travelled to the University of Saskatchewan this week to attend the Interactive Tutorial & Incubator on Measuring and Modeling Health Behavior with Smartphone Mediated Data Collection. This 3-day tutorial is organzied and instructed by Computer Science professors Dr. Nathaniel Osgood and Dr. Kevin Stanley. 

Acquisition of evidence-based understanding of human health behavior forms a central focus of health research, and a critical prerequisite for effective health policy. The use of mobile devices to study health behavior via cross-linked sensor data  and on-device self-reporting and crowdsourcing have been demonstrated to provide important insights that traditional techniques cannot.  However, design, deliver and analysis of mobile data studies requires skills rarely developed in health science training. This tutorial introduces public health researchers and practitioners to tools and practical skills required to collect and analyze mobile data on health behavior, and assists them in getting started in applying such techniques to their study interests. The tutorial includes hands-on work with novel and standard tools and techniques.

The workshop is targeted at professionals from a variety of health fields including health researchers, health service delivery personnel, public health workers, health policy makers, and any health professionals or modellers seeking empirical behavioural data.

For more information, please visit the tutorial website