Computer Security Course (New)

CMPT 352: Newly revised curriculum

The curriculum for the "Computer Security" course is newly revised and ready to go!

Our own Lawrence Dobranski, Director of ICT Security at the University of Saskatchewan, will be instructing the course. Cyber security breach simulations will be included in the labs. 

Course description: Explores information security, focusing on understanding the root causes and the necessary controls to reduce information risk to an acceptable level.  Will look at the underlying technology problems as well as the required technology safeguards, including an overview of information security first principles. Students will be introduced to the OWASP top ten application security risks and the CIS critical information security controls.  A cyber security breach simulation exercise is planned to introduce students to how a breach occurs.  Students will have the opportunity to research real-world cases, gain an understanding of the underlying vulnerabilities, and understand the required controls.  Students will be expected to engage in classroom debates about current information security issues. 

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  • Term 2, 2016/2017
  • Tuesday/Thursday
  • 2:30pm - 4:00pm