Cyber Breach Simluation

Cyber Security Awareness Month

The University of Saskatchewan Cyber Security Awareness Month is excited to host a Cyber Breach Simulation event, where students and staff can understand how hackers really operate and learn how to defend against them in a hands-on environment. The Cyber Breach Simulation will emulate an entire, realistic corporate infrastructure, including web, email, databases, name servers, workstations, desktops, etc.

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016

Skills required

  • No hacking experience required. No software programming experience will be involved. The competition is designed for participants who have a basic knowledge of networking and are willing to learn a handful of Linux commands. 
  • Anyone who knows something about Linux, HTML, file sharing with FTP or Samba, password encryption, or port scanning will be leaders of the pack
  • People who already know Nessus, Kali, Metasploit and other Ninja hacker tools are NOT good candidates, they will not find it challenging enough. 

How to sign-up

Interested in participating? The Department of Computer Science has 16 spots available for graduate and undergraduate students. Seating is limited, first come, first serve. Apply online at