Faculty Research Introduction Series

Want to learn more about research in the Department of Computer Science? Attend talks by faculty members to get a glimpse of their research interests. Computer Science undergrad and grad students are all welcome to attend.

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September 16, 2016September 21, 2016September 23, 2016
3:30PM - 4:05PM

Agents Laboratory
Nadeem Jamali

Multi-User Adaptive Distributed Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Lab (MADMUC)
Julita Vassileva (Grad Chair)

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab 
Carl Gutwin

The Bioinformation Lab
Tony Kusalik

Simulation Research Lab
Ray Spiteri

Imaging, Multimedia and Graphics (IMG Lab)
Mark Eramian

Plant Phenotyping and Imaging Research Center Projects

  • Data Aquisition and Analysis
  • Bioinformatics for Linking Genotypes to Phenotypes
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Web Systems and Collaboration
  • Algorithmic Modeling of Digital Plants
4:15PM - 4:20PM break break
4:15PM - 4:50PM

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab
Regan Mandryk

The Software Research Lab
Christopher Dutchyn

DISCUS Lab / Computational Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics Lab
Kevin Stanley

Computer Systems, Networks, and Performance Lab (DISCUS)
Dwight Makaroff

Location: Thorv 105