Mathematical Contest in Modelling (MCM)

Mathematical Contest in Modelling (MCM)

What is MCM?

  • Each year, several thousand teams consisting of three undergraduate students, from all over the world, compete in the MCM.
  • Teams pick and solve one of the given problems, and submit a solution report online.
  • All reports are centrally graded; a rank is assigned; winners travel to USA and get prizes.
  • UofS teams has done rather well over the recent years (see awards in McLean Hall near room 242). We usually have 2-4 teams.
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How it works:

  • Make a team of three undergraduate students from the UofS. Program/year does not matter. You should be strong as a team, with complementary skills (such as math/physics, programming, writing).
  • Typically, teams consist of students in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th year. Team members don't have to be Math students -- we had participants from all over the campus.
  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is hosting the event. A Math/Stat professor will be your advisor. We will have general meetings prior to the competition.
  • For 4 days, you will be staying together mostly in one place, working on a problem with your team members. Registration and food will be covered. Computers may be provided if you choose to stay at the Department.
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Contest dates: January 19 - 23, 2017
Deadline to contact Prof. Shevyakov: Jan 8, 2017.

*** If you are interested in participating, please contact Prof. Shevyakov immediately:  ***