SaskInteractive Student Memberships


SaskInteractive is an organization that represents the interactive technology industry. We represent members involved in the development of content-based interactive digital media, as well as consumers and stakeholders. The Association acts on behalf of its members to represent their views to government, industry, the news media, and to the general public. Our mission is to serve and support an entrepreneurial network of interactive producers, developers and designers.

Part of our mission is to foster growth in the industry and one way that we are doing that is by connecting students (potential new hires) with the industry. This offers an amazing benefit for both students as we have members from across the province and beyond.

We offer a student membership that is free of charge to students and we will continue to offer our membership to students at no cost. The student membership is up and running and can be located on our website at Visit our website, find us on Facebook and Twitter to find resources, job postings, and keep up with the interactive community in Saskatchewan!