Computer Science collaboration develops next generation medical games

"Next generation serious medical games driven by artificial intelligence"

MindBytes BVBA announced its expansion into North America through the creation of a subsidiary called MindLab Interactive AI Inc. based in Edmonton, AB, Canada. MindLab Interactive AI Inc. plans to develop next generation serious medical games driven by artificial intelligence to improve the lives of patients and their families –empowering those impacted by disease to change their behaviour.

MindLab is actively seeking commercial and academic partnerships in North America and has already established a research collaboration in the area of artificial intelligence with the University of Saskatchewan and Professor Regan Mandryk, an expert in affective computing, games for health, and artificial intelligence. The collaboration consists of an 8-month research project focused on the use of AI in a serious medical game application. This project is part of a cross-continental research program that is funded in part by a Mitacs Accelerate grant in Canada and an Active and Assisted Living grant in Europe.

MindBytes has decided to establish a physical presence in North America to launch an AI R&D hub and address the world’s largest market for healthcare and serious games. “This is a very exciting opportunity for us, and the next logical step”, says MindBytes’ and MindLab’s CEO, Geert Vander Stichele. “We are committed to accessing robust expertise in North America and establishing high-quality partnerships with the goal of enhancing the effectiveness of our tools.”

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