DrivingWinTech Community Conversation


We’re excited to hear from Women in Tech across Canada! Women in Tech World is proud to present Driving WinTech, a community-based research tour to better understand and support women in the technology industry in Canada.

  • 30+ cities coast-to-coast

  • 25+ national and community partners (incubators, accelerators, tech companies and national sponsors) and 87 Kickstarter funders

  • 2,500 participants and 10,000 stakeholders reached

  • 50 community conversations and 20+ panels by expert speakers!

We’ve set up community conversations across the country over a 2 month period, starting September 5th. The road trip will take us from BC up to the Yukon down to Alberta and across to Newfoundland; ending in St. John’s on November 6th.

Event Details

As part of this community-based research study, Women in Tech World is conducting a series of research activities, called Community Conversations. Community Conversations provide a space for women to express their experiences in the tech industry in Canada in a comfortable and confidential environment. Women in the tech industry, advocates and stakeholders will contribute based on their experience and expertise in a partnership approach which will result in:

  • National Report on the experiences of women in tech in Canada (barriers, challenges, successes, and resources).

  • Set of Playbooks (regional recommendations) to facilitate more inclusive and diverse tech communities in Canada.

  • Findings and data shared through Women in Tech World Online the World Women Report by the State of Women (85 million subscribers) to ensure active steps are taken as a result of Driving WinTech.

Our aim is to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry; we invite all those in the community to participate as audience members.

This event is FREE and anyone can attend. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by our generous sponsors. Space is limited, so be sure to register in advance

Saskatoon Event

Date & Time: September 25, 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Innovation Place, 114 - 15 Innovation Blvd, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Registration: https://www.picatic.com/event15024822001025