Project Beetle at Pitch Party

Pitch Party 2017

Congratulations to Rahat Yasir for placing 5th at this year's Pitch Party!

Rahat, a Computer Science MSc student at the University of Saskatchewan, developed an application titled Project Beetle: an AI-driven crop diagnostic platform capable of diagnosing, tracking, and predicting crop disease. It all started when Rahat Yasir visited a farmer from Tisdale. He listened as the man spoke of walking through the crops, painstakingly inspecting for signs of crop disease, pest infestation, and areas in need of herbicide or fertilizer. Learn more about Rahat's story online

About Pitch Party: Pitch Party aims to connect creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs from across different backgrounds, showcase local startups, and get attendees thinking creatively and building ideas. The main event is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of local entrepreneurs with a night of great food, networking opportunities, pitches from up and coming startups, and a keynote by Mr. W. Brett Wilson with a foreword by special guest Rachel Mielke, CEO & Founder of Hillberg & Berk.