Queen City <Hack>

Queen City <Hack>

Think it. Build it. Win it. 

Taking place at the innovation hub of Regina, QUEEN CITY <hack> is all about building real tools that can help organizations in our city do more with what they have and make an even bigger impact on the lives of Regina residents.

Join local developers, designers, entrepreneurs, community organizers and others passionate about making our city better for a day-long community tech event. We will work together to build projects, apps, and websites using publicly-released data, technology, and design processes to improve our communities and the organizations that serve them.

Happening on March 18th, 2017, QUEEN CITY <hack> is open to coders, entrepreneurs, designers, and Regina tech enthusiasts. Teams will have eight hours to “hack the city” and solve problems for our three civic partners, Regina Public Library, Regina Warehouse District and Regina Downtown Business Improvement District.

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