Seminar: Academic Integrity & Misconduct and Intellectual Honesty

By Nate Osgood, University of Saskatchewan

Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: Arts 241

Abstract: Originality in findings, thought and expression serves as the "currency" of academia. While technologically simple, counterfeiting in this area -- taking ideas or expression from another source without appropriate attribution, or misrepresentation of findings -- represents as grave a concern as it does in the financial realm. Within this talk, we will characterize responsibilities and expectations with respect to intellectual honesty and attribution. The discussion will cover basic concepts, characterize both exemplars and borderline cases and evolution of practices with time. We will also discuss resources to aid students in ensuring compliance with expectations and guidelines. While a presentation will offer initial thoughts, priority in the seminar will be place on answering student questions and concerns.

Research Interests: Nate Osgood’s research is focused on providing cross-linked simulation, ubiquitous sensing, and inference tools to inform understanding of population health trends and health policy tradeoffs. Such tools can, for example, aid public health decision makers in putting into place cost-effective preventive policies, design more effective screening or treatment strategies for an illness, help provide insight into the causes underlying changes in the number of cases of a disease reported, and react more quickly to an outbreak of infectious disease when it occursThis work includes both application and methodological components.