Seminar: STEM — what is that?

Chris Dutchyn, Associate Professor

Speaker: Chris Dutchyn, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Abstract: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics all seem related:

  • Isn’t Math a Science?
  • Isn’t Engineering (especially Software Engineering) a Computer Science thing?
  • And Computer Science is clearly technology ….

In this talk, we disentangle these distinct topics, understand some of their relationships, and draw some conclusions regarding their relevance and impact on what comprises a University degree.

Biography: Chris Dutchyn is a researcher in the Computer Science department, looking at programming languages from the outside in — e.g. pragmatics, expressiveness and good modularity; and from the inside out — building compilers, optimizing for machine architectures, and providing space-and-time efficient code.


Friday, October 6, 2017 @ 3:30 pm

Thorvaldson, Room 110