cmd+ctrl: security innovation hackerthon

cmd+ctrl hackerthon

Learn the basics of web application security in an educational hacking competition!

CMD+CTRL is an immersive hacking game designed to teach the fundamentals of web application security. Learn to see web applications from an attacker's perspective. Explore vulnerable web applications, discover security flaws, and exploit those flaws to earn points and climb up the scoreboard. After attacking an application for yourself, you'll have a better understanding of the vulnerabilities that put real applications at risk - and you'll be better prepared to find and fix those vulnerabilities in your own code.

February 3 & 4, 2018
9:00am -5:00pm
Spinks S320

Registration: Students can register online at Use the event code '0c87Kq'. Seating is limited.

For more information, visit

Instructor: Matthew Halchyshak

Matthew-HalchyshakMatthew Halchyshak is a University of Saskatchewan Alumni (BSc'15) and presently a security engineer for Security Innovation. With Security Innovation he has helped secure software developed by some of the world's largest technology companies and has uncovered vulnerabilities in all types of software ranging from mobile applications and embedded devices to enterprise application suites. He has presented on security topics at international conferences including Germany's Chaos Communication Congress, Toorcon in San Diego, Australia's Ruxcon and several other conferences in Europe and North America. Prior to working in the security industry, he worked as a software developer for a small UK-based game studio focusing anti-cheat and bot detection mechanisms.