NEW COURSE - Intro To Concurrent Programming

Intro To Concurrent Programming

3rd Year Course on Parallel and Distributed Programming

The 4th year course on concurrent (i.e., parallel and distributed) programming, CMPT 435 (, is moving to 3rd year.  The first offering of this course will be in January, 2019 as CMPT 398.  The new course will be offered at 3rd year level, and has a new set of prerequisites: CMPT 215 (or EE 232); CMPT 260 (or CME 331); CMPT 280

Here's what Prof. Jamali (the instructor) says about the course:

"Concurrent programming has become very important in Computer Science.  In its most recent curriculum guidelines, ACM explains their recommendation to add concurrency topics to the core Computer Science curriculum as follows: “Given the vastly increased importance of parallel and distributed computing, it seemed crucial to identify essential concepts in this area and to promote those topics to the core.”  These core topics are the focus of this course.  

Among other things, the course will introduce students to the influential Actors model (using which Twitter and many other large-scale systems and have been implemented) and the popular Akka library for programming parallel and distributed systems using Actors (see for real world applications)."

If you have questions about the courses, or need approval for registering in this class, contact Prof. Jamali at  Slides for past offerings of CMPT 435 are available at