Regional International Collegiate Programming Contest Results

Last weekend, USaskatchewan hosted 14 teams from UAlberta, UCalgary, ULethbridge, and USaskatchewan, as the Canadian site for the 63-team Rocky-Mountain regional competition.  We had four teams entered:

  • USask White: sophomores Lauresa Stilling, Jeremy Storring, Phaedra Berger
  • USask Red: sophomores Yaser Muhammad Faisal Jubayer, Asif Khan, Afia Alam
  • USask Green: seniors Agis Daniels, Antoine Labrecque, Michael van der Kamp, and Dorian Thiessen (reserve)
  • Usask Blue: sophomores Kohlton Booth, Vyom Patel, Jiaye Wang

Out of the ten problems set for the competition,

  • USask Green solved 6 in 695 minutes, placing 10th
  • USask Red solved 4 in 768 minutes, placing 29th
  • USask Blue solved 3 in 253 minutes, placing 32nd
  • USask White solved 2 in 255 minutes, placing 43rd.

The regional winning team was from the Colorado School of Mines, solving all ten problems in 774 minutes — they set a high bar by achieving the best time for six problems,  and never submitting an incorrect solution!  The top Canadian team was UCalgary Emerald at third with 9 problems in 1208 minutes (UUtah was second with 9 solved in 873 minutes).  All four Canadian universities placed in the top ten: UAlberta Gold at 6th with 7 solved in 927 minutes, and ULethbridge CE with 6 problems solved, but edging USask Green out with only 715 minutes used.

Congratulations to all of our teams for showing well, and especially our teams of second-years with strong results.  The potential for next couple of years is high.