Seminar Presentation by Gord Kurtenbach, Senior Director at Autodesk

Gorden Kurtenbach, Senior Director at Autodesk

Gordon Kurtenbach is a pioneer in the field of human-computer interaction and one of Canada’s leading industry-based computer science researchers. He is the Head of Autodesk Research where he oversees a large range of research including human-computer interaction, graphics and simulation, environment and ergonomics, high performance computing, and CAD for bio/nano-technology.

Everyone is invited to hear Gordon talk about his career and research over the years. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session where students can ask Gordon about career advice, industry, and potential work at Autodesk.

Date: Friday, March 16 

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Location: Physics 165

Biography: Gordon is head of Autodesk Research, the industrial research group of Autodesk, Inc. In this role, he oversees a large range of research concerning how software is used to design, make and operate the built world. Under Gordon ‘s leadership, Autodesk Research has grown from a small team into an elite industrial research group with a reputation for successfully translating research into commercial products. The only lab of its kind in Canada, Autodesk Research is a magnet for top computer science talent from around the world.

 Gord is also a previous Paul Sorenson Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, and will be inducted into the 2018 Alumni of Influence.