Welcome to Greg Oster's Home Page

Welcome to my home page, a small contribution to the info-glut of Cyberspace. Feel free to wander about and try things. If you notice any organization to the contents of these pages, please inform me so that I can correct the anomaly.

I work as the Technical Team Lead in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan.

NetBSD is my all-time favorite operating system. More info can be found here.

RAIDframe and NetBSD

For the while I've been working on RAIDframe in NetBSD. You can find more info on RAIDframe and NetBSD here.

More stuff

A few pointers to some mutual fund things and some investment calculators can be found on my Financial page.

A couple of people kept bugging (encouraging? :) ) me to write this, so here is an introduction to Makefiles.

Over the years I've accumulated a number of tips and tricks related to Writing Efficient Software.

One of these days I'll add more to my page of various LEGO® things.

Should you wish to send me encrypted email, here is my PGP Public Key.

Other bits and pieces:

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