AspectScheme -- Aspects in Higher-Order Languages

This directory contains the code for various releases of AspectScheme. The version 1 release implements the language comprising the Science of Computer Programming; and version 2 release implement the enhanced version alluded to in that paper.

A new release, AspectScheme 4, compatible with PLT Scheme 4 is now available. It is a plug-in language that can be selected from the "Choose language" option, in two levels:

A revised version for the PLaneT archive is in preparation.

Most users should probably rely on the PLaneT Package Repository to obtain this code. The various versions are accessible from your PLT Scheme platform via
(require (planet "" ("cdutchyn" "aspect-scheme.plt" 1 1)))
(require (planet "" ("cdutchyn" "aspect-scheme.plt" 2 1)))
depending on the desired version.

AspectScheme v.1.0--PLaneT release 1.0 (PLT 209)
AspectScheme v.1.1--PLaneT release 1.1
AspectScheme v.1.2
AspectScheme v.2.0
AspectScheme v.2.1
AspectScheme v.2.2--PLaneT release 2.0
AspectScheme v.2.3--PLaneT release 2.1
AspectScheme v.4.0--Installable language release 4.0(PLT 4.0.2)