Instructions for dvips Graphics Interface 2006
June 7-9, 2006
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

One option is to use dvips to convert your regular dvi files to PostScript. As the normal DVI fonts are resolution-dependent, and the output imagesetter is very high resoltion, Please use at least 600dpi fonts, or preferably 1200dpi. PDF produced (via Distiller or ghostview) from dvips output will not have many useful features, in particular if standard TeX fonts are used it may render without antialiasing (so plus signs may turn into minus signs when displayed with Acrobat Reader, etc.). It will also not be searchable, and it will not have a table of contents. It may also be very large. In short, this approach produces a large ugly file, and is not recommended.

The next two options are better, as the fonts will be resolution independent and antialiased upon display.