Job Stuff

I currently live in Riverton, UT (part of the Salt Lake valley). I recently started working at a company called Control4 as a senior software developer. I moved from Saskatoon, SK to Utah to get married (the K1 Visas are nasty to get). After getting married and waiting several months, I finally got a work permit (and shortly afterwards my Green Card). I immediately started looking for work, and had several good leads at the start, but that quickly died off. Being that its an employers market here, it's difficult to find work here for anyone. Being that I'm Canadian, it makes it that much more difficult to find work in the USA, since no one has ever heard of the university I attended, or my previous employers.

While in Saskatoon, I worked for Vecima Networks for almost 4 years. It took me almost 9 months of looking to find a job in the USA. I got a job working for Epic Systems Corporation, based out of Wisconsin. The family stayed behind in Utah to sell the house while I lived in an apartment. Since I had to be away from my family for a long time, I eventually quit and moved back to Utah. I did a brief stint at a company called Tomax. Lots of people seem to know of this place, but as a software dev shop, it's a terrible place to work.

Thesis Info

I finished my MSc. thesis in the fall of 2004. I have a sepearate webpage about by thesis. Check it out if you're wondering how I spent a year in grad studies. The grid system I created for my thesis is called JOLTS, which can be seen here.