Current Status

My thesis has been successfully defended (WOO-HOO). Fear not though, my thesis project, JOLTS, will live on.

Currently I'm adding a graphical administration tool that will allow for easier configuration of all available options. One new option being added is the ability to configure the forbidden/restricted methods. In earlier versions of JOLTS, the restricted methods were hard coded into the system. The new version will allow them to be configured as well.

The current project status can be seen on JOLTS homepage.


My thesis is concerned with investigating checkpointing and coordination issues inside grid systems. To that end, I am constructing my own grid system with checkpointing capabilities. The coordination issue will be handled by creating a special API that uses a tuple space on the central server. A prototype is currently operational. Things still left to do before I leave the prototype for the time being and move to writing my thesis proposal are:
  1. implement checkpointing
  2. implement job migration
  3. implement worker node crash recovery
  4. implement job crash recovery (just serialize the exception/error and return it)
  5. check for 2 (or more) waiting ReturnResults sending different versions of the same client checkpoint, eliminate the older one
  6. incorporate the GridProperties, so the components have some limited configuration capabilities
  7. test the new server socket channels on the worker side
  8. allow different machines to be configured as the server
  9. tie in the GridInputStream class
  10. finish commenting all the classes
  11. build a GUI front-end
  12. have jobs leave a heavily loaded machine
Of course there are always lots of features that could be added to the system if time was infinite. The following is a potential list of features to add after the proposal.
  1. the SIMD interface
  2. the MISD interface
  3. the tuple space
  4. security checks to prevent invalid code calls
  5. restrict access to specific fields
  6. dynamic reconfiguration of worker node attributes (not likely to happen)
  7. automatic update system
  8. remote administration of nodes?
  9. file writing system (not likely to be done)
  10. administrator tool to allow for better customization of the restricted security methods (being worked on right now)
  11. look at serializing to memory instead of to disk deemed to be a waste of memory if the job is large
  12. Port the system to the .Net platform (not likely to happen any time soon)