Some Personal Religious Resources

I count myself as a serious practitioner in the Kammatthana (Thai Forest) tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

It is difficult to express how fundamentally I have benefitted from practice in this tradition, most notably including breath meditation (following guidelines from the suttas and further expounded by Ajaan Lee), but equally so the practice of virtue, self-restraint and generosity. These elements are laid out in the Buddha's teachings on the gradual Path.

It is my experience that -- seriously practiced -- these teachings can qualitatively improve one's experience of the world, and can give one access to an intense source of inner happiness that is extremely dependable compared to other things in the world. This is most intense when in deep concentration during formal meditation, but starts to follow one through the day. Such practice also fosters conviction, as one's experiences help cross-validate elements of the suttas first-hand.

I am grateful to the many teachers from which I have learned -- most notably, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, but also great Ajaans including and not limited to Ajaan Lee, Ajaan Maha Boowa, and Ajaan Chah.

Other students on the path may find my reflections of interest, bearing in mind that they are comments from someone still on the earlier stages of the path.

I also have a growing collection of excerpts and quotes that I have found helpful.

Below I list some resources I've found to offer much value.

I've also helped out some with Theravadan CN -- A site offering careful Chinese translations of many important articles and Dhamma talks, many of them meticulously checked with the authors.

Announcement page for an upcoming (July 2012) Thanissaro Bhikkhu retreat in Saskatoon.

Audio for past Thanissaro Bhikkhu retreats in Canada:

Visitors may additionally be interested in my evolving Pilgrim's Guide to Indian Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites

Additional resources can be found on the Saskatchewan Kammatthana site links page.


Some visitors may also find inspiring or of interest photosynths of Buddhist art and Buddhist Sites in India.